Pilates - Balance and Breathe

-About me - I live here on the beautiful Somerset Levels. I started my fitness career back in 2000, It was after a few years of teaching Fitness I decided to train in the technique of Pilates. I firstly studied and taught the modified repertoire for 2 years at level 2 (OCR). I then completed my full Matwork Diploma in 2006 with Michael King and the Pilates Institute in London, in conjunction with the Physiotherapy team at Guys and St Thomas Hospital. My qualification included back care and clinical posture analysis, seniors, pre and post natal, personal programming for personal training, and intermediate and advanced Group Matwork. I hold a first aid certificate, Exercise to Music and Gym Instructors award. I also have a wealth of experience in Holistic and Complementary Therapies and hold ITEC and IHHIT Diplomas in Sport and Remedial Massage Therapy. 


Balance and Breathe

Lisa Rock,  Pilates Institute Full Matwork Diploma

 CYQ 3. CIMSPA  Approved Pilates Instructor 

Local Community Classes in South Somerset. Seavington, Barrington, Shepton Beauchamp, Kingsbury Episcopi, Curry Rivel and online Zoom

Mobile  07769351984

email - [email protected]

Timetable and Venues

Monday   9.15am   Seavington Village Hall   level 1 and 2

Monday   10.10am   Seavington Village Hall Level 1 Mixed Ability

Monday  2pm   Kingsbury Episcopi Community Hall  Beginners starts January 2022

Tuesday   10am   Barrington Village Hall   Level 1 and 2

Wednesday   9.30am   Shepton Beauchamp Village Hall   Pilates Fused with Fitness Yoga (mixed ability)

Thursday   9.15am   Kingsbury Episcopi Community Hall   Level 1 and 2

Friday   9.15am   Curry Rivel Hall   Level 1 and 2 (improvers)

zoom meeting on a Tuesday evening at 6.30, existing participants only

Welcome to the world of Pilates

Pilates is a safe and effective regime for the development of the truck muscles vital for a healthy spine, and a crucial component to any functional fitness programme.  To help to lengthen the whole body, strengthen, and improve flexibility promoting good posture.  The exercises used will help to readdress the balance in muscle tone by using stretching techniques and strengthening exercises to increase the tone of lax muscles and mobility exercises to improve the range of movement around the spinal vertebrae.

"The Pilates Institute Method will help all participants to lengthen and strengthen muscles, improve core stability  and  the quality of the breath  allowing everyday movements to be carried out with ease and elegance"  Michael King - Pilates Institute , Founder and Director

What to expect and Bring

On your first Pilates session you will be asked to fill out a health questionnaire, this is to give  information about any past injuries, surgery, or general wellbeing.  Please wear tight fitting clothing, so I can see your alignment, bring with you a mat, water, a small towel or block. If you have a long term health problem, or have been diagnosed with a back condition, it is advisable to have a one to one first before coming into a group environment. Each session consists of 3 sections, the first is the set up, which covers postural alignment, breathing, stabilisation of the shoulder girdle, and co-contraction of the deep abdominals.  Following that a warm up section to mobilise the joints and allow you to focus your mind on the class ahead.  The main body of the class will contain carefully chosen exercises to strengthen the muscles around the spine and abdomen to give you good postural alignment.  During the class the whole body is challenged through various movements leaving you lengthened, energised yet relaxed.  A cool down section of either stretches or relaxation will conclude the session.

Classes run term time only and run with the school terms, each course is to be booked and paid upfront at a cost of £45 or £52.50 depending on the length of the term.